3 Ways to Get Out of a Dating Rut


When you haven't been on a date in a while it may feel like there is no hope for your dating life. If you want happily ever after, it usually starts with a date. Here are a few tips to get you out of your dating rut.

Identify Why

First thing daters should do is figure out why they are in a rut. Do you feel burnt out on meeting new people that don't lead to anything? Are you not meeting new people at all? Depending on which category would determine how you will move forward. If you are just tired of the whole process maybe you should take a break. Spend some time with family and friends or alone and figure out what aspects are frustrating you the most. It is ok, to take some time. If you are not meeting people, take a look at the effort you are putting in. Start letting people know that you are interested in dating and be open to being set up.

Try Online Dating

Dating online can be intimidating for some people but it has definitely become the most popular way to meet new people. The stigma is waning as more people are finding love online. If you are in a dating rut, online dating should definitely be considered. It is a way to meet several different people with similar interests. Even if you don't find a long term love, dating online can boost your confidence that there are potential mates in your area.

What If That isn't Working?

While dating online could be the answer but that doesn't mean it won't get stale as well. There are several things daters can try online. The simplest thing is to update or change your profile. If you have kept the same information and pictures on your profile for 6 month with no avail, switch it up. Think about if you have been applying for a job with the same resume and you haven't gotten a call back. Wouldn't you make some changes to attract the job you want? If you add some new pictures and put different content on your profile, you will attract a different set of people. Another quick fix is to try a site you have never been on before. There are always new sites popping up which means there are new people you would have never met.

If dating is important to you, try some new tricks to get you out of a rut. Figure out the problem and try to find ways to get back in the game.

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