3 Ways to Rekindle your Relationship After the Holidays


The holidays are over. No more gifts, family, returns, comfort food, etc... At least for a while. It can be difficult to recover from the holidays in your relationship. Holidays cause stress on couples that they have avoided throughout the year. Whether it is whose family you will spend each holiday, how much to spend on gifts or recovering from the extra 5 lbs, couples can find it difficult to get back on track. Try these 3 tips to rekindle your romance.

1. Get Back to Your Routine... ASAP

After the holidays, it is normal to want a couple days to recover from the stress. It is ok to spend the weekend bumming on the couch but it will help your relationship if you get back into your routine. Jumping back into an old routine can help you shake off the ickiness of reverting back to your childhood as soon as you stepped foot into your parents' home. Holidays are filled with triggers and past hurt you thought you moved past. Once you get home, remember you are an adult with adult responsibilities so... start adulting.

2. Schedule some Alone Time

Once you get back into your routine, it is easy to forget that you have not had very much alone time with your partner. Sometimes the excitement of letting go of all the stress takes priority. Schedule a date night to reconnect. Spend time enjoying being with each other without the possible interruption of family.

3. Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself, you deserve it. Taking some time to help you destress is always a good idea, especially after 6 weeks of going non-stop. Get a massage, a mani/pedi or stay at home and create DIY face masks. Whatever you do, create a stress free environment where you can forget about your aunt asking why he hasn't proposed yet.

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