50 Examples of Talking and Touching


Fifty Ways to Talk and Touch.......I know, 50 ways is a lot. Some of them may feel too awkward. Choose 3 or 4 that you feel drawn to and begin practice with your mate until you are not just doing homework but actually feeling a connection. It may happen right away, or it may take a few days. Then come back and perhaps choose a couple of more ways to talk, touch, and connect with your spouse.
1. Express confidence in one of your spouse's decisions.

2. Share dessert with one fork.

3. What was "Your song" when you were dating? Call your spouse and sing it to them.

4. Surprise visit your spouses at their office or home and give them a kiss...and then leave.

5. Play footsie next time you sit together.

6. Learn a new joke today and share it with your spouse.

7. Ask how your spouse's day went....and really listen.

8. Kiss your spouse upon waking.

9. Kiss your spouse before sleeping.

10. Caress your spouses' hand.

11. Touch your spouse's cheek or hand while driving.

12. Rub shoulders next time you sit next to each other.

13. Sit on your spouse's lap or sit them on yours.

14. Compliment something your spouse is wearing.

15. Call your spouse out of the blue to them them know you are thinking of them.

16. Give your spouse a neck or shoulder massage.

17. Share a story from the news or your day that you though was interesting.

18. What about dancing before dinner? No one's looking.

19. Tell your spouse that if you had to do it all over again you'd choose them.

20. Share a problem--thank your spouse for their concern.

21. Play with your spouse's hair while talking in bed.

22. Fall asleep holding hands.

23. Remind your spouse to drive safely next time they leave the house.

24. Call you spouse at work with the latest news.

25. Have a tickle "fight".

26. Say "I'm sorry" about a mistake your recently mad.

27. Think of 3 ways your spouse had made you a better person...tell them now.

28. Compliment your spouse on your favorite physical trait.

29. Play Twister and let yourself laugh out loud.

30. Look at your spouse when they are unaware of your gaze...share your feelings.

31. Share what you most admire about your spouse.

32. Have a "remember when?" moment.

33. Thank your spouse for helping you through a challenging time in your life.

34. Find a reason to touch your spouse when you are in the same room.

35. Dig out the wedding album and reminisce.

36. Hold hands under the table.

37. Brush you mate's hair out of his/her eyes.

38. Straighten his tie, being sure to touch him with love.

39. Button or zip her dress, being sure to touch her with love.

40. Knead the same dough together.

41. Kiss in the elevator when no one is looking.

42. Express confidence in your spouse's ability to over come a problem.

43. Listen to your spouse's worries--ask how you can help.

44. Make your spouse's lunch for the day ...deliver it with a kiss.

45. Send your spouse a fax with your special "code words" for I Love You!

46. Turn off your spouse's alarm clock...wake them with a message.

47. Kiss the back of your spouse's neck while he/she is reading.

48. Before parting tell your spouse you can't wait to see him/her again.

49. An extra hug for no reason at all never hurt anyone.

50. "Spoon" your mate while sleeping.

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