Bring Fun Back into your Marriage


Are you missing that fun and youthful feeling in your relationship? After we get comfortable, it's not uncommon to forget how much we still need to have fun in our relationship!

This is something that is always within us, which means that even if daily life takes over, there should always be room for fun. It is so important for couples to laugh together and to enjoy each other's company, especially in long-term relationships.

If you feel like your relationship has reached a 'funless' existence, here are some ways to bring the fun back into your relationship:

  • Prioritize fun again - yes, life and its responsibilities are to be taken seriously, but there should always be time to kick back, relax and have a good time...together!

  • Be silly - don't lose the child within you. Have a pillow fight, put on some music from your teenage years and dance, do whatever it takes to feel carefree and to laugh together.

  • Go out in search of fun - is your idea of fun a night of partying, or more like seeing a movie and buying a huge box of popcorn? Whatever it is for you as a couple, make time for this on a regular basis rather than putting it off for other reasons.

How do you and your partner have fun together? Are active sports or events your idea of fun? Do you like to learn? Have you seen any new travel sights or places recently? Do you like foodie adventures? When was the last time you had friends over? What's your idea of fun? Start making it happen!

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