Hiring a Divorce Coach Will be One of the Best Decisions you Make


These last few months have been some of the most difficult months for people in many ways, but for the couple that has been on the verge of divorce, quarantine has pushed them over the edge and into the office of an attorney.

If you are getting a divorce, an attorney is the most important person to have to get the best divorce settlement possible but what about all the other areas of divorce? Navigating the entire process, getting organized, dealing with the emotions and feeling overwhelmed and what will my life look like after the papers have been signed?

So, the question is, "At a time when I am spending money on an attorney, why would I spend more for another professional?" During this time, you are not at your best, you are sapped of energy and not thinking clearly yet you are being asked to make important, long lasting decisions. The answer is, you can't afford not to hire a divorce coach. Working with one will prove invaluable. Family and friends are a great support and much needed but they are not knowledgeable nor are they unbiased and this can cause undo harm to the process.

A divorce coach can do the following:

  • Assist you to create goals for what you want for you and your family presently and moving forward
  • Identify and prioritize your concerns
  • Assist you in managing the emotions that are part of the divorce process and in reducing stress
  • Assist you to strengthen your communication skills and to communicate your needs
  • Assist you to determine what is most important to you in the divorce process
  • Provide a list of attorney interview questions
  • Teach you conflict resolution skills
  • Assist you in developing co-parenting skills
  • Assist you in developing a parenting plan with your spouse
  • Assist you in setting up post-divorce goals
  • Help you understand each stage of the divorce and formulate a game plan
  • Will give you unbiased, objective and educated information
  • Reduce the cost of the divorce
  • Accessibility-available when you need questions answered immediately
  • Keep you organized and on top of things
  • Help you regain your sense of control and empowerment
  • Your go to person for non-legal questions which keeps your attorney bill down
  • Provides checklists for every stage of the divorce

A divorce coach can save you time, money and emotional duress. You do not have to walk this path alone, fearful and overwhelmed. There is someone out there who can help.

For further inquiries:

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