I Want My White Knight and the Horse too


Ladies, ladies, we have some talking to do. A white knight and the horse? That's quite a bit of pressure to put on a man but unfortunately it's pretty common for a woman going through a divorce to be looking for just that. The truth is that no one can save you but yourself. To look outside of yourself means you will be turning your power over to some else and it will only cripple any future relationships.

Face the fears of your new single life and grow within yourself by learning to be your new best friend, by becoming self reliant, modeling the meaning of resiliency to your children, experiencing new things on your own and coming to the realization that you don't need someone else to make you feel complete. Your divorce is teaching you how to complete yourself.

To rely on another for you to feel safe and secure is only an illusion, but you? You are a constant. You will always be there for you and only you know what is best for your present and future. If you feel that you need a white knight then you are in effect telling yourself you are a damsel in distress.

Come on, Ladies, that might look romantic in Disney but have you ever asked yourself what happens to the damsel he "rescued" when he leaves to rescue another one? She's right back where she started; waiting for someone to ride up on a horse and so the pattern continues. Don't be dependent on someone else to get you out of where you are emotionally or financially or that will be your criteria for all relationships.

You be your own knight and save yourself from depending on someone else to fulfill your dreams, for someone else to give you your self-worth and from someone else being your hero. You have the capacity to do all things so why sell yourself short? Get out there and make your life happen. Divorce did not rob you of your life; it just might have saved it. As for the white knight and horse? Well, don't always judge a book by its cover because you just might be getting a horse thief.

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