Never Stop Dating Your Spouse


The hard part is over, right? You have met the love of your life and locked them down forever. Now it's time to get comfortable and settle into married life. Wrong! While getting married has plenty of benefits, they do not come without effort. When I see clients they often complain about the lack of a connection. Some even question whether or not they still like their spouse. A regular date night could be just what you need to keep your relationship flourishing.

  • You enjoy each other's company

Remember when you 1st met and you could not get enough of each other. You would spend a lot of time together just to call after a few hours apart. You enjoyed seeing them, laughing with them and even watching their small idiosyncrasies. It was fun! Over time you become comfortable with the person you are with and slowly start spending less intentional time together. Yes, you probably see each other more; especially if you are living together. Seeing each other in passing everyday does not count as quality time. Finding the time for a date night will give the opportunity to rebuild or maintain your friendship.

  • You continue learning about each other

Even if you have been married for 25 years there is still something you can learn about your partner. People evolve, their interests evolve and so do their habits. This means as long as both of you are living there will be something new to learn. Take the time to go on new adventures. Try a restaurant that with a new cuisine or take a swing dance class just for laughs. New experiences could trigger memories and/or thoughts that have never been expressed before.

  • Intimacy is built outside of the bedroom

In most relationships, sex is important to one or both partners. It is an expression of love, keeps you feeling connected and is just enjoyable. Complaints about lack of sex life can usually be directly related to lack of intimacy outside of the bedroom. Physical intimacy is only one type of intimacy and they are all directed. If you want to improve your connection inside of the bedroom make sure you are taking the time to be with your partner outside of the bedroom. Going on dates creates and preserves a level of comfort that can only benefit your sex life. You are allowing moments of vulnerability, trust, and love to be created in different settings which can translate into a more relaxed bedroom experience.

Time was mentioned many times in the above because that is always the 1st excuse for why date night cannot happen. Finding time for your relationship is not optional. If you do not invest and nurture your relationship, more than likely it will not survive. Date night is one way to create the thriving relationship you desire.

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