Qualities for Long- Lasting Relationships


These qualities are present in all loving long lasting relationships:

1) Honesty so that you can trust your partner.

2) Vulnerability - being open and vulnerable allows emotional intimacy to develop.

3) Show feelings of affection and concern for your partner.

4) Showing appreciation for your partner.

I find that many couples stop showing appreciation for their partner after they have been together for a while.

This is an insidious way that emotional intimacy and often sexual intimacy are destroyed.

This is a form of taking the other for granted. It causes deadness in the relationship and often resentment. When resentment is present the intimacy is destroyed.

A daily practice to increase Intimacy:

This is a very important practice that I teach to all my clients:

At the end of the day write down the loving things your partner has done for you during the day. (If you don't notice them and acknowledge them, they will eventually go away).

Acknowledge your partner for these things. This will help you to appreciate your partner. Also write down the loving things you have done and find new ways to express your love.

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