Relationships are Hard, but Why?


The statistics on divorce rate is alarming and says something about how challenging it is to be in a long term committed relationship. "There is actually nothing more difficult on the planet than another person" says psychologist Dr. Stan Tatkin. In this short video entitled Relationships are hard, but why? he suggests that its not because of sex, money or even who picks up the socks but there are far more primitive reasons for this that can be found in our neurobiological make up. To see the video, click the link below:

Relationships are hard, but why?

To usher in the New Year to maintain joy in your relationship Dr Tatkin suggests, "If you're one of many couples spending New Years as just the two of you, here's a romantic and fun evening idea: Together, write down 'relationship resolutions.' Maybe it's more alone time together, sex, or weekends away. It could even be supporting each other to exercise and eat healthy. Sometime soon after the New Year, take what's been written and plant the paper in the soil. You might be amazed at what you reap in the spring by sowing now."

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