Responding to Good News

A recent article in USA Today highlights the importance of responding positively to your partner's good news.
In relationships that are the happiest, a partner reacts with excitement and esteem to his mate's positive news the "active-constructive" response. Three other types of responses are linked to less satisfying relationships and more likelihood of a split.
Here are the four responses to news of a promotion at work:
  • Active-constructive: "That's great! You'll do very well, and I'm so proud of you."
  •  Passive-constructive: "That's good news."
  • Active-destructive: "That sounds like a lot of responsibility. You will probably have to work even longer hours now."
  •  Passive-destructive: "Well, wait until you hear what happened to me today."
Source: Shelly Gable, psychologist at the University of California-Santa Barbara

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