Signs That you Need Couple's Therapy to Save your Marriage


Being married to the "love of your life" is rewarding and fulfilling. However, marriage is not always about rainbows and cupcakes. There are times that situations get difficult. Being married does not mean that you are past the romance, but an opportunity to build a new life and start a life-long commitment. Marriage also means that there are responsibilities involved - your responsibility as a spouse and as a parent. No matter how long you are married, you need to be happy. The secret to a happy and successful marriage is communication.

However, there are couples who constantly forget that communication is important. Here come the disagreements and the idea of "divorce". To avoid getting into this kind of issue, you need someone who can help you bring the understanding back in your relationship. You might need someone like Shawna Crabill, a Marriage and Family Therapist. She knows what you feel because she had undergone the same situation you are in. Shawna Crabill offers Couples Therapy to mend relationships that are at the edge.

If you do not know when is the time you need to have couples therapy, here are some of the signs.

Constant Arguments

Arguments are part of marriage and that is normal. However, if you keep on having constant arguments over petty things and you just can't find something right to talk you about. Yes, talking about a problem is a way of having communication, but constant bickering and bringing up the past same arguments over and over again is not a positive thing.

Lost Interest

You feel that the excitement and the attraction are already going away. You always find a fault with everything your partner does and how your partner looks. Another thing is that you have a lack of intimacy in your relationship. You don't hug and kiss anymore like the old times. If you feel that the heat in your relationship is slowly going away, you need to see a therapist.

You Feel Like You Have a Large Space Between You

Do you ever get the feeling that you want there is something you need to fix when noting is really broken? You feel that something is wrong, but there is really nothing wrong. Well, you might be stuck in a "marriage malaise". This is the stage of your marriage where you feel discomfort and uneasiness.

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