Survivng Together Through Times of Crisis


Life throws curveballs sometimes. The glitches that can hit every day healthy relationships can include illness, financial issues, infertility, the death of a close friend or family member or any of a long list of localized problems. But when people are faced with a traumatic event like the coronavirus, a highly stressful and shocking situation, our ability to cope is compromised.

Dealing with this crisis is very hard emotionally and can create stress in your relationship. But this is the time you need to support and be there for each other the most. While undeniably this pandemic is very difficult to deal with, the situation can put you and your partner at a crossroads of sorts.

Emotions are difficult to manage making it easy to fall into conflict with your partner. Unfortunately, what can happen in relationships during tough times is that couples can easily grow distant and disconnected.

But going through adversity together can also lead to a stronger relationship by being there for each other. Showing support and comforting each other is necessary during this difficult time. Sharing respect and affection and reminding the other why you love and choose each other is important to help transcend this hardship.

Choose to take the more rewarding path and cherish your partner. Take into account that the decision of how to handle your partner in relation to this challenge can and will affect your relationship for better or for worse for the rest of your lives.

You still have each other. Use that and allow it to be your strength.

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