The Importance of Communication


Have you ever noticed that you and your partner seem to talk at each other instead of with each other?

Whether you keep having the same fights or you feel like you can't express yourself freely, there are plenty of reasons why couples struggle with communication.

Keep reading to learn about the importance of communication in relationships and how you can overcome your struggle to feel heard and connect with your partner.

Understanding the Importance of Communication in Relationships

We've all heard that communication is extremely important, but why is that so? When two people are able to connect on the deepest level, their relationship is more satisfying. Open communication fosters greater vulnerability and empathy, which are key ingredients to having emotional intimacy in a relationship.

Communication skills can also help you avoid and work through misunderstandings and fights and build trust. The sooner you can identify communication issues in your relationship, the faster you'll be able to improve counterproductive behaviors that cause contention in the relationship.

Learn the Different Ways to Communicate

Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. Some people call it their love language. If two people communicate in vastly different styles, it can feel like their partner isn't as caring. Once you learn your partner's style and how they express themselves, you can better recognize the meaning and intention behind their responses and/or reactions.

Work on Figuring Out How to Be More Open

There are lots of reasons why both men and women have a hard time opening up to their partners, even if they've been together for years. Toxic past relationships, dysfunctional families, inability to assert feelings and fear of abandonment could prevent you from being your most authentic self around your partner. Taking some time to reflect on what's holding you back, and working through these roadblocks together can help your relationship develop and evolve.

Attitude Is Everything

Adjusting your attitude before you approach your partner can have a big influence on the conversation. If you're frustrated, make sure your delivery is calm and gentle when you approach the conversation. Choosing your words carefully, being mindful of your body language, and hearing their side will make communicating much easier.

Ask More Questions and Be a Better Listener

Since speaking is only part of communicating, you'll also need to strive to be a better listener. Asking questions and showing genuine interest in your partner's subjective experience and feelings is an important way to build emotional intimacy in your relationship.

Consider Seeing a Counselor

If you feel like you and your partner can't connect when you speak with each other, seeing a counselor can help you develop the skills to improve your relationship. Counseling gives both parties a safe space to express themselves and learn different techniques they can practice to effectively communicate. One of the best benefits of seeing a counselor is that you'll be able to receive guidance and support to work through communication issues that's tailored to your unique communication issues.

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