The Worst Mistake to Make on a Date


The worst mistake anyone can make is to go on a date with the wrong frame of mind, or mindset.

You are most alive and therefore irresistibly attractive when you are paying attention to the moment.

Many of my clients tell me they are worried about how they are coming over or they're worried about "where this is going to go" while they are on a date.

This will kill your buzz immediately.

How to be your most magnificent self is to put yourself in the moment. It's so important to learn this skill because you will have more fun and you will BE more fun.

Use your senses to bring yourself into the present moment

The way to get yourself present is to notice everything around you carefully. Notice the fragrances in the air, all the colors around you, the nature that you can see. You might even comment on some of these if you like them. Also focus on what you are hearing - the words and tone of voice. As you do this you will notice a growing sense of aliveness in your body.

This kind of energy will amaze and delight you.

Then notice what you are feeling-just become aware of your body. Is it tense or tight?

If you are tense you will need to tap on that before you arrive at your date. Here's more about how to do that

And finally you want to be asking yourself this question inside, over and over again," How can i have the most fun getting to know this person?"

If you practice these things you will never have to worry about those self limiting beliefs that hold most people back from being their most magnificent self.

So think of each date or time you meet a new person as an experiment where you can practice these things and you'll rarely have a bad date.

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