Turn Off Your Phone


Greetings everyone......I have some important advice: Turn off your stupid smart phones, iPhones, cell phones, laptops, video games--whatever! I exaggerate of course, but recent research is indicating that as electronic communication has grown, our attention span is decreasing, our intellects are weakening, and human connections have declined. We are close electronically. Yet we are drifting farther away from one another personally. I read a report recently that referred to this phenomenon as phubbing. Phubbing is the practice of snubbing others in favor of our mobile phones. We've all been there, as either victim or perpetrator.

The time couples are able to be "present" with one another, is crucial for feeling emotionally connected. I am not suggesting you have to be present with your partner 24/7. But being present at various times of the day with your mate is critical for fostering your connection with each other. Otherwise, emotional distance will definitely set in, which is often the source of nagging and criticism.Modern technology, meant to keep us all connected, actually creates distance in couples even when we're not aware of it. Every couple needs to have technology-free time to experience each other with full non-distracted attention.Homework: Sit down with your partner and make rules for technology-free time.


1. Phones off and out of sight during food preparation and eating meals.

2. No taking calls when we're in the middle of a conversation or we have people over--calls can be returned later.

3. Set aside time to set down with each other and check in, make plans, have a conversation--without answering any calls..... I call this a "ritual of connection."

4. If it's absolutely necessary to take a call, do so out of earshot of others.

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