Using Sex and God to Save your Marriage


What one thing can you do to save your marriage when you fear losing your partner? This question reflects on your fear and the desperate desire to turn your distancing partner around. After you have recovered from the shock of hearing, "I'm not sure I love you anymore" you are likely to start to grasp for anything that will end the crisis.
Just as a family member may turn to God to bargain for sparing a dying loved one, you may turn to God to bargain for your marriage to survive. Or you may take matters into your own hand to bargain more directly for the survival of your marriage.
Vanessa describes her reaction to her husband's distancing from the marriage, "I became so focused on saving my marriage that I could think of little else. Even my children took a back seat to the marriage. I sought out every avenue to let my husband know that I wanted to be married to him. I ignored my hurt and worked to be kind, I tried to start conversations and show interest in him, and I pursued sex like never before!"
Unfortunately, Vanessa's efforts did not and will not work. This is because she is not protecting her self-worth in the relationship. She is saying, "I'll give everything and I expect nothing in return." This communicates that you want the relationship at all cost-not a message you want to deliver. You don't want a relationship in which you are diminished and do not receive in proportion to what you give. You deserve a partner that values you and wants to give to you just as you want to give to him.

You can preserve your marriage and offer a message of self-worth. Turn to God for strength not for magic, you will need strength to weather this storm. You want to preserve yourself as well as your marriage.

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