When a Marriage Therapist Becomes your Savior


Relationships are built to last, but that's only when partners exceptionally display commitment to nurture them. You can have a rewarding experience in your marriage if you are prepared to deal with challenges whenever they come your way. One thing with marriages is that they are never without battles and confrontations. You will, from time to time, feel that you are drifting away from each other. You don't up to live in despair or end up in divorce. A marriage therapist Los Angeles, CA can intervene when your marriage is at stake. Here are reasons you want to seek help of a marriage counselor.

A relationship is experiencing negative communication

A majority of marriages face communication problems. You may find that you are not talking to each other. When you engage in conversations, the other partner feels shamed, disregarded, insecure, or judged. In case this is happening, then it indicates there is a problem with communication. Sometimes, you may feel like wanting to withdraw from conversations. Other times, may feel too afraid to bring out issues. Seek help of a counselor when you encounter these problems because the situation may escalate into emotional abuse.

Affection is denied as a punishment

A partner who is giving the silent treatment could be aiming at punishing the significant other. When you withdraw affection, it means there is imbalance in the relationship. One partner may be acting as parent or disciplinarian. This may not end well and it is better to act fast to save the marriage.

Contemplate having an affair

In case, you feel that you need to have an affair, it may be signaling that you are seeking for something different. An affair can be difficult to deal with, and it is better to avoid it altogether. While it may be possible to deal with the situation, not many couples can handle an affair. In most cases, it results in divorce. Consider consulting with a therapist to help you understand your problem and how to come out of it before it turns out to be a thorn in the flesh.

There are many signs, which may indicate your marriage is not on good terms. Rather than waiting for things to worsen, you can seek help of a therapist experienced in marriage counseling.

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