Your Marriage Can be Saved with these Two Things


Marriage is always a work in progress. It is a stage in your life wherein you see much of your partner's flaws and your flaws. It's where you can really practice tolerance over a person you love. It's kind of ironic, but this is the stage where you get to see the love of your life as your worst enemy. Marriage is where you understand that relationship isn't all about you. It's about the relationship. It's about caring and loving the other person. It's about giving and forgiving at any cost.


In marriage, there is always individuality. You are not your husband and he is not you. You have your own differences especially in the way you want to do things. And most of the times, these differences collide and create friction. You want to push your idea, and he does the same. This is where both of you start shouting and giving the cold-shoulder treatment. Right at this moment, stop and breathe. Reach out and communicate. What if both of you try one's suggestion, and if it didn't work out, try the other person's suggestion. Don't blame the other one who failed; rather, dust yourselves off, and forgive.


Forgive, for as much as you can. We have our own weaknesses and we commit mistakes almost every day of our lives. These weaknesses aren't that easy to change. So be patient with his weakness as much as you have been patient with your weaknesses. Rather, fill in his shortcomings. Now that you have seen his worst, how can you help better himself? Can blaming pick up the pieces and make the relationship whole again?

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